Hands-On experience and e-learning

Semestar: 3
Broj ECTS kredita: 3
Obavezan: Da
Fond časova:
Smjer: VATEL studije

Vatel students follow a programme in which professional practice takes up half of the course. During periods of practical learning, they hold posts in training facilities – hotels, restaurants, brasseries, etc. – or with industry partners if the school has no such facilities.

Objective of practice:
- The periods of hands-on experience must enable students to check their theoretical learning in a real working situation.

Skills to be acquired:
- Master the basics of operational management
- Discover and understand new services
- Be able to organise an event

Students alternate between theoretical and hands-on learning. During the hands-on periods, they hold new posts in new departments such as: sales, restaurant inspection, accounting, personnel, etc. Their role may also involve having to organise an event, banquet or conference.



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