Multicultural Management

Semestar: 5
Broj ECTS kredita: 2
Obavezan: Da
Fond časova:
Smjer: VATEL studije



This course highlights cross-cultural situations in the workplace and situations which future hotel managers will have to deal with. It is aimed at having students think about what happens when people live abroad, on how to overcome stereotypes and how to deal with invisible codes in managing other cultures.  Priority will be given to real situations and concrete cases. Students must understand the fact that all cultures have a sense and can be understood, but more than an inventory of “what is done and what is not done” is required to understand others.


Goal of the course:


  - Being able to understand cultural notions and their consequences on managerial situations;

  -Implementing tools and cultural determinants in order to approach differences and manager an international team;

  - Learning how to overcome stereotypes.


Skills to be acquired:


  - Thorough comprehension of theories concerning behavior and values;

  - Being able to identify the key reference points in large national cultures;

  - Being able to analyze cross-cultural situations.


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