Human Resources III

Semestar: 6
Broj ECTS kredita: 6
Obavezan: Da
Fond časova:
Smjer: VATEL studije




Students develop the knowledge acquired in the previous years. They become aware of the rights and duties of stakeholders for work related subjects. This course is intended to be a place where debate, exchanges and methodology of research on themes takes place so that students, when they will be working in a hotel in the future, will be able to ask themselves the correct questions on HR problems.


Goal of the course:


  - Developing knowledge in human resources;

  - Rousing curiosity and being able to search for legal information on human resources in the hospitality industry.


Skills to be acquired:


  - Honing the students’ analytical spirit for HR issues in a hotel;

  - Knowing how to search for legal information and checking it and rolling it out in a department or in a hotel;

  - Understanding employer rights and duties;

  - Analyzing the rights and duties of employees.

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