Business Economics

Semestar: 1
Broj ECTS kredita: 4
Obavezan: Da
Fond časova:
Smjer: VATEL studije


In the framework of this course, students will be introduced to economic mechanisms linked to the company. They will learn to define these mechanisms in order to better analyze and understand them. This course is partly linked to the management course, from an economic point of view.


Goal of the course:

   - Understanding the economic environment of hospitality industry companies;

   - Understanding economic concepts to allow students to be at ease when reading economy based texts.


Skills to be acquired:

  - Knowing the criteria for hotel ranking;

  - Notions on other types of accommodations for tourists;

  - Understanding the components of micro and macro environments;

  - Knowing how to offer short and long-term financing faced with a given situation.


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